Baloo Bhai
Baloo Bhai

A perfect blend of pointy paws in a coat of fur, Baloo is an affable display typeface, available in ten Indian scripts along with a Latin counterpart. A distinctive heavy spurless design, Baloo has a subtle tinge of playfulness and all the bare necessities of type. Carefree yet confident, warm yet entertaining, sprightly yet intelligible, Baloo infuses life everywhere it goes.


The Baloo project develops ten separate fonts with unique local names for each of the nine Indic Scripts. Each font supports one Indic subset plus Latin, Latin Extended, and Vietnamese.

Baloo for Devanagari | Baloo Bhai for Gujarati | Baloo Bhaina for Odia | Baloo Chettan for Malayalam | Baloo Da for Bengali and Assamese | Baloo Paaji for Gurmukhi | Baloo Tamma for Kannada | Baloo Tammudu for Telugu | Baloo Thambi for Tamil | Baloo Bhaijaan for Urdu

Most of the fonts in the Baloo family are libre licensed.
The source files can be downloaded from

    • Noopur Datye, Supriya Tembe
    • Ek Type
    • 2016
    • TTF
    • single weight
    • Books, Magazines, Multi purpose, Multi script, Multilingual Branding, Publication, Display Type
    • Gujarati
    • Open Sourced
    • Akhanda Conjuncts, Multiple Matras, Language Alternates , OldStyle, Webfont, Headline
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Multi purpose
  • Multi script
  • Multilingual Branding
  • Publication
  • Display Type
  • Baloo Bhai (Gujarati)
  • Baloo Bhai (Latin)
  • Baloo Bhai (Gujarati)
  • Baloo Bhai (Latin)

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