Rotund curves, large loops and voluminous counters. Gotu reimagines Devanagari calligraphy while at the same time reinterprets what high contrast Latin typefaces can be. Though the Devanagari is penned with a traditional canted nib, the structures are improvised with an expressive whim that belies conventions of structure and challenges notions of consistency. Swooping calligraphic strokes inspire forms that are lyrical without being too opulent. The same spirit resonates within a modulated but sans seriffed Latin as letters retain a calligraphic stress but not without delicate typographic quirks. Furnished with such typographic subtleties, Gotu can lend its distinct style to a quaint monograph, a striking headline, an ornate invite or even a chic brand.


Gotu is a libre licensed under the SIL open font license 1.1. The source files for these fonts can be downloaded from

    • Sarang Kulkarni, Kailash Malviya
    • Ek Type
    • 2016
    • OTF
    • No
    • Books, Website, News paper, Multi script, Multilingual Branding, Signages, Identity, Display Type
    • Devanagari, Latin
    • Open Source
    • Akhanda Conjuncts, Fractions , Multiple Matras, Language Alternates , Numerals, OldStyle, Standard Ligatures, Subscript Numerals, Superscript Numerals, Tabular Numerals, Webfont, Diacritic , Headline
  • Books
  • Website
  • News paper
  • Multi script
  • Multilingual Branding
  • Signages
  • Identity
  • Display Type

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