Painter Umesh
Painter Umesh

Painter Umesh is the digitised version of handpainted lettering originally done by former street Painter- Umesh. It is representative of numerous handpainted lettering styles found in India which have a dimensional effect. Painter Umesh consists of 4 fonts which when used together recreate the unique dimensional look found in Indian Street Lettering.
How to use the font
1. Type some text in a text box  
2. Make 4 copies of it and change the fonts to Painter Umesh 1, 2, 3 & 4 respectively
3. Change the colour of each font
4. Top and left align all the fonts to achieve the unique multicoloured effect of Painter Umesh

Note: It is not possible to use the multilayered Painter Umesh font on text editing softwares like MS Word, Notepad, Textedit etc. where the software does not support layer overlapping


Handpainted Type Project |

Initiated by Hanif Kureshi, Handpainted Type is a project that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India. These painters, with the advent of local DTP (Desktop Publishers) shops, are rapidly going out of business with many of them switching to the quicker, cheaper but uglier vinyls. Many painters have given up their practice altogether.

The project involves documenting the typefaces of roadside painters across India and digitizing it so that it serves as a resource for present and future generations.


    • Handpainted by Umesh, Digitised by Whitecrow
    • Handpainted Type
    • 2011
    • No
    • Single style
    • Books, Magazines, Signages, Identity, Display Type
    • Latin
    • Free Under End Users Licence Agreement (EULA)
    • Dimentional, Layered, Multi color, 3D font
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Signages
  • Identity
  • Display Type
  • Painter Umesh All Layers

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