A contemporary calligraphic display typeface, Gotu is simple yet elegant. With
distinctly wide open loops, circular counters and delicate curves, it is ideal for invitations, event posters and publications.


Gotu is a libre licensed under the SIL open font license 1.1. The source files for these fonts can be downloaded from

    • Sarang Kulkarni, Kailash Malvia
    • Ek Type
    • 2016
    • OTF
    • No
    • Books, Website, News paper, Magazines, Multi script, Multilingual Branding, Signages, Identity, Display Type
    • Devanagari, Latin
    • Open Source
    • Akhanda Conjuncts, Fractions , Multiple Matras, Language Alternates , Numerals, OldStyle, Standard Ligatures, Subscript Numerals, Superscript Numerals, Webfont, Diacritic , Headline
  • Books
  • Website
  • News paper
  • Magazines
  • Multi script
  • Multilingual Branding
  • Signages
  • Identity
  • Display Type
  • Gotu
  • Gotu

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