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If you are a student and wish to learn type design, you can apply to us for assisting in any of our ongoing projects or to intern with us to develop your own fonts.

Collaborate with us

At Ek, we believe in team work. We live in a country with multiple scripts—each one is distinct with a unique culture and tradition associated with it. We have understood that it is practically impossible for one individual designer to work on and master the letters of all scripts and hence collaboration is inevitable if large multi-script type design projects are to be undertaken. We believe that it is only through collaborative design that we can achieve our quality goals and maintain a firm commitment to our scripts.

n this spirit, we are constantly looking to work with type designers, language experts, font enthusiasts, graphic designers and students. As long as you are interested in typefaces, we are open to collaborating with you.

Specifically, we are constantly looking to work with type designers and type foundries to

  • To develop large multi-script type families
  • To develop Indic script equivalents for existing non-indic scripts
  • Who wish to sell their fonts on the Ek type website.

We also work with calligraphers, lettering artists, type enthusiasts and aspiring type designers. You can get in touch with us if you require any assistance with your designs. We love helping people in

  • Developing new typefaces.
  • Giving suggestions and feedback on existing designs.
  • Converting designs into functional fonts, technical assistance on specialised areas such as hinting and platform compatibility, general assistance on large kerning sets and weight interpolation.
  • Refining existing typefaces for screens and specific mediums.
  • Or simply selling your fonts on our website

Besides this we have a large number of researchers and language experts whom we constantly consult with for deciding the specifications of our scripts. We also work with manuscript researchers and linguists in order to design special letters specific to their manuscripts and texts. We would love to help researchers interested in language-script studies or linguists who are looking for special fonts designed for your manuscripts.

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