Our upcoming release Jaini, is inspired from the distinct calligraphy style found in Jain Kalpasutra Manuscripts. Wedge terminals, squarish structures, vertical conjuncts and disconnected Shiro-rekha are characteristic features of this style.

The characters are tall with below-base matras that fit in the kana height itself and short above-base matras.

    • Girish Dalvi, Maithili Shingre
    • Ek Type
    • 2016
    • TTF
    • 2
    • Books, Website, Magazines, Publication, Identity
    • End Users Licence Agreement (EULA)
    • Akhanda Conjuncts, Multiple Matras, OldStyle, Standard Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates , Headline
  • Books
  • Website
  • Magazines
  • Publication
  • Identity

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